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This months featured poet chooses not to be identified. If you have any comments, you may send them to me.

Unheard Tears

The doe runs swiftly,
to evade numerous foes,
whenever she turns,
another one goes,
afraid of the hunter,
afraid of the gun,
she frantically hides,
and prays to the sun,
"Where can I go,
How can I flee,
Oh, one up above,
Why, does this happen to me?"
She calls and she cries,
listening hard for a sound
Seeking the answer,
that's yet to be found.

Change Of Heart

Here I am...
Just like I said I would be
I'm your friend...
Just like you think it should be
did you think I would stand here and lie
as our moment was passing us by?
I am here...
Waiting for your change of heart
It just takes a beat
to turn it around
I'm waiting for your change of heart
at the edge of my seat
please turn it around
Days go by...
leaving me with a hunger
I wish I could fly
back to when I was younger
when adventures like caars we would ride
and the years lied ahead still untried
while I stand here...
Waiting for your change of heart.

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