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I said goodbye and went with friends to the prom
Everything was fine, untill I met Tom
Tom was a great guy, the greatest, I think
The problem was he loved to drink
He drank with friends, he drank alone
I decided that moment it was time to head home
I tried to leave but he tugged my hair
He seemed intent on keeping me there
I asked for his keys, but he told me "no"
He said he was fine, he'd drive real slow
I don't know why but I got into his car
We left the prom, but didn't get far
We drove off the road and into the tree
What happened next I didn't see
When I woke up I was lying in bed
Two doctors were standing over my head
They wrapped my arm up in a bandage
Told me I was lucky, not too much damage
As I went home with my dad and mom,
I couldn't stop wondering what happened to Tom.
When I asked my mom she almost cried
I knew at that moment that Tom had died.
He was told many times not to drink and drive
If only he'd listened, he'd still be alive.

In memory of Tom Wagner 1978-1995

A sandy beach on a sunny day
A gentle breeze making the willow play
The setting sun at the end of a day
The moons luster over a tranquil day
Of days gone past,
Holding memories that will always last.

Like a shell washing to the shore
Like the waves lapping onto the beach
Like the tide rises and falls out of reach

Of you and me.

A set of footprints in the sand
A string of dunes seperates the land
The seaull soars through the turquoise sky
Water washes the sand away with a gentle sigh


Of a love we share.


He has been in love before and only

dated two girls...
Not sure of exactly what to do...
When to hug, When to kiss...
Although not afraid to he feels as if
He's not going
to do it right...
The youg man doesn't want to admitt it
for fear of
Fear of laughter hold him back...
He knows that things will change tomorrow...
It will work he tells himself over and...
over again...
Now he feels bad he has not changed
Love, he feels, has stabbed him in the back...
Now he hopes she believes him that things will
change tomorrow...
He knows they will...
For he loves her...
And love doesn't die...


Love is unknown to the population
Only two lovers stand out and they are

considered odd...
For fear of seperation, the young man goes
Angry the girl gets and says that nothing
The young man knows it will change soon...
When to hug, when to kiss, he knows not
what to say...
He hopes she knows how he really feels...
He loves her and she hopefully knows...
The young man knows that things will happen
But will she wait...
Questions plague his mind...
How long will it last?
Does she love him?
Angry he gets when she doesn't come...
He asked her to find him, but she didn't...
Does this mean she doesn't love him?
No, he wont let her leave him...
If he's sure that she wont fight him...
He knows it would be right to be able
to let her go, but
he can't...


I'm not looking for a miricale or a diamond in the sand...
Like the ocean tide I rise and fall,
But I keep reaching for your hand.

I don't want to take your freedom
or to trap you in my schemes.
I just want to be beside you
and to share each others dreams

It isn't that I'm desperate
Or afraid to walk alone...
But I wish that you were with me
When I walk down a lonely road.

I'm not looking for a memory
Or just one moment in your time...
LIke the ocean waves I move in rage
without you by myside.


How can thy spirit be free,
when thy candle is blown out on thee,
In thy darkness thee shall see,
How thy spirit can be free.

The dove high in the sky,
Don't let this moment pass us by,
Thee, now shall be shy,
and here thee shall lie.

As thy fire burning bright,
In thee's eyes a beautifull sight.
As thy dove takes to flight,
See thy fire burning bright.

Thy kiss shall make thee pure,
From thee's lips shall be thy cure,
As thy death dost lurk behind thee's door,
The dost a withering flower, nothing more.

How can thy spirit be free,
All dost have I want to give to thee,
In thy darkness thee shall see,
How thy spirit can be free.

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