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In between pink whispers of dawn
and scarlet voices of dusk
I lost myself

Try as I may, I couldn't find myself
Something tells me, I never knew myself

Holding on to the illusion
Trying to hide myself from myself
I've fallen into the velvet night
I'll stay.


I love sunny friendly days when people care.
I want them to stay.
I want us to grow.
I want to try our feelings...
See how far we flow.
Timeless days come down on me
Fill me up and set me free,
Always sharing, laughing, smiling, careing,
touching, loving, feeling, seeing.
Come, let me find you...
Find our eyes deepening, shining,
Speaking of all that we are seeking
to give our lives meaning...
That which is loving.
That which is freeing.


Loneliness streaks through my mind
Like a bullet without fire
Angry thoughts of you, the demon
the manipulater, the driver of the
Sends me angry for refuge in a more
peacefull existance.
Demands! Demands! What you demand,
Leaves me recklessly hoping for a
Sea breaze,
A soft leave
Against my body, the petal of a rose.
Noone can pay the price if the game goes on,
and I'm tired of this losers streak.
Don't call my name again, for I am leaving
the table to go hang myself and
celebrate my madness in some other domain.
I will not answer your call again, so be it.

I seek the rose still.


I sensed when you entered the room
an irregularity of your silence.
Your eyes reflected the eclipse of
A need for some kind of familar pattern.
You looked at what you thought
was me-

But I only cried at my inability to respond
To stand still
Without a gesture
Without a
touch to my face
With no twitch of my finger
or mirrors reflecting...
That I can not seem to shake
From this fearing soul.


As biting grains of sand
wedge in each crevise of my
salted bathing suit
scratching my burning skin,
your tawny cheeks
glisten with crystalline
scraps of emerald seaweed.
We scream across miles of
white cream,
and blue ice.

Two mermaids-
tangled hair
ornamented with
sand and pebbles
laughing at jellyfish,
and crying with the seagulls-
sprawl sensually
on large sponges...
Taunting the sailors.


As I stand before you and read this poem
I feel myself fill of love and warmth
About to burst, I know I've survived worse
Pain stains like blood
When you hurt the ones you love
remaining there
Glance nor stare
Cut free of chains that bound my heart
my throat, my brain
conjested with fire and tears
I kiss the cheek of fear
Help as you have helped me
Going back never to be
As I see the tears that soak your soal
And the fear that holds you cold
I know no more to try, of undoing lies
Questions form in my mind.

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